pet 17 part one
by Kevin G

Anal Fucking and Electro Torture Milking

It began as a routine pre-employment physical. I was surprised when Dr. Smith turned out to be a woman, but I had been attended to by female doctors a couple of times before.

My initial embarrassment passed after a few minutes of nakedness in front of the Doctor. The exam was routine and even the "turn your head and cough" standard wasn't that bad. Hell Dr. Smith was a attractive woman and she was feeling up my balls!

"Well Mr. Jones, almost everything seems perfectly normal," she said as she consulted her scribbled test results.

"Almost everything?"

"Oh, I'm sorry the way I said that was rather ominous wasn't it?" She laughed. "No, we just aren't quite done yet is all. I think everything will be just fine."

She smiled at me over the clipboard.

"At your age Mr. Jones it's time to start regular prostate exams. I see by your record you haven't had one before?

Now I really was embarrassed. I blushed, "No Doctor."

"Now don't go getting all embarrassed on me. I am a Doctor after all Mr. Jones," she chided me. "And, this can save your life."

She put the clipboard on the counter and fetched a pair of rubber gloves from a drawer there.

"Now, my nurse will be here in a moment. I make it a policy that a third person be in the room for any invasive procedure. In the mean time, Mr. Jones, I would like you to stand with your belly against the exam table, then lean over so your chest rests on the table."

I complied wordlessly. Her nurse was going to watch? I thought about it though, don't male GYN's have a nurse attend when they exam a woman's pussy? Maybe it wasn't so weird. But still humiliating.

I took my position. I folded my arms and buried my face in the crook of my elbow as the door opened.

"Ah, here's Becky now," Dr. Smith exclaimed. "We'll be done in just a few minutes Mr. Jones.

I heard the two women conversing in low tones. I couldn't make out what they were saying. There were rustling sounds which baffled me.

Finally, Dr. Smith seemed to be ready to proceed.

"Now, Mr. Jones, spread your feet wide. Let your weight rest on the table, your legs should be almost dangling."

I jumped as a hand was laid on the small of my back. Anther hand opened opened my butt cheeks.

"Now now Mr. Jones. Relax. We aren't going to hurt you." The hand on my back began to stroke small circles. "That's it, just relax. Now, I'm going to lubricate you. It's going to be a little cool. Here we go..."

I felt her slick, gloved finger at my anus. I couldn't help but whimper a bit.

"Mr. Jones, you must relax. We really don't want to hurt you but this must be done. Remember, it might save your life."

In spite of the reassurances and the gentle manner of the women I just couldn't relax and I cried out when the finger penetrated me.

"Hmmm. Becky we are going to have to use the relaxant. Be a doll and get it for me?"

"Mr. Jones," the Doctor's voice betrayed a hint of irritation, "We are trying to help you."

"I know... I just, just can't seem to relax Doctor."

She sighed. "Yes, it's not that unusual a thing. So I am prepared for the eventuality. What we are going to do Mr. Jones will make the entire procedure more enjoyable, I mean comfortable for you. However it requires your full cooperation. Can I count on that?"

"Yes Doctor."

"Good. OK, what I want you to do is to hop up on the exam table, and lie back."

I did as I was told. The Doctor began adjusting the GYN stirrups, and placed my feet in them.

"OK, slide down the table until your bottom is at the foot. Go on, let's see some of that cooperation now Mr. Jones," she said brightly.

I bucked my hips and slid down the table, the position forcing my knees up and out. I felt like a chicken ready for stuffing.

"That's it Mr. Jones, very good. Now, close your eyes and relax, and give me your arm."

I held it out as I took a deep breath and tried to relax. The doctor was murmuring to herself as she placed the blood pressure cuff around my arm.

" Now the other arm Mr. Jones...That's it." she commented as she wrapped it too.

I lay there naked and I couldn't help but start to be aroused by my vulnerable position in front of two women. My cock throbbed into semi-erection. I was perplexed. In this position anything I might do to hide it would only draw attention.

Finally I told myself they are both professionals, and tried to relax.

"OK Mr. Jones, hold very still. We are about to apply the relaxant. If you move you'll fuck it all up!"

I was a little confused by the Doctor's language. I was trying to figure out what was going on when something, I think surgical tubing, whipped around my ankles. By the time I tried to struggle, it was too late. My ankles were tightly bound to the stirrups!

"What the fu...?" I cried out and tried to sit up. I was brought up short by my arms, I looked down only to see that the "blood pressure" cuffs were leather straps connected to the exam table!

"What the HELL is going on here?"

Becky strode around the Doctor, reached out and grabbed a fistful of my hair. Her icy blue eyes bored into mine.

"YOU be quiet. We are going to examine your asshole. And if you object, we will turn you in to the police as a rapist."

She laughed as she saw the look of incredulity on my face.

"Yes, we will tell them you raped poor Doctor Smith. And if necessary she will have your semen in her vagina to prove it!"

Dr. Smith chimed in, "You might notice the time, don't bother calling for help, the waiting room is empty."

I looked over her shoulder to the clock and realized that at 5:15PM, she was probably right.

I was helpless at the hands of two madwomen, and if I did somehow manage to break free, I would be accused as a rapist!

The doctor continued after she saw comprehension begin to cross my face, "Yes former Mr. Jones, we have decided to recruit you as our latest pet. As such you will be ours to do with as we please, address as we please, to use and abuse as we please."

"Now Becky, let's get back to the anal exam, shall we?"

I started to object, and resumed struggling against my bonds. I was brought up short by a stinging slap to my face.

"Look microdick, stay fucking still like the doctor told you!" Becky screamed! She grabbed my oh so vulnerable balls and squeezed, laughing as I yelped in response.

I shut up and held still.

"That's better, now cooperate or I'll rip these off," she yanked my balls for emphasis, "and feed 'em to you!"

"Careful pet. I should tell you that Becky has even less tolerance for misbehavior than I. And I have none!" Dr Smith murmured from between my legs.

"OK, pet we are going up your butt, and you might as well get used to it, we both like boy booty. A lot. Now take a deep breath and as I enter you, let it out slowly."

With that Becky released my balls, and I took a breath as instructed.

Immediately I felt the pressure against my asshole. Unrelenting. I grunted as my asshole was opened and invaded, this was no finger! And she wasn't letting up either, it felt like I was being ripped apart!

"Breath pet. I'm not stopping so you might as well enjoy the ride."

She pressed harder and the object slipped deep inside me. I cried out in a mixture of humiliation and pleasure. Yes, after the initial invasion of my sphincter, now that it was totally breached, it felt good! My cock was throbbing again in response!

Tears welled up in my eyes. I was being taken, and starting to enjoy it. I breathed in a jerky rhythm of sorts. Then the object was withdrawn slightly from my ass.

I couldn't help it, I bucked my hips to try and keep the object inside me.

Both women laughed at that.

"More lube Becky," Doctor Smith whispered.

I shouted as the cold slippery stuff was poured onto my still violated asshole.

"Becky, gag our pet bitch," Doctor Smith ordered her assistant.

Becky quickly produced a wide rubber strap, long enough to go around ones head with buckles at each end. In the middle of the strap a hard rubber tab protruded perpendicular to the rest of the strap. This tab was forced into my gasping mouth, and she buckled the strap in place.

"Good job Becky. Why don't you get ready for the sample? I almost have the pet ready for that procedure." The Doctor said as she began to stroke the object in and out of me.

"Right'o Doc!" Becky grabbed my now rigid member and gave it a squeeze. "Don't go anywhere sport. We have lot's more in store for our little rapist!" She laughed and released my cock, and went to rummage in a cabinet.

I groaned around the gag. Both at the thought of what the next procedure might be, and the humiliation and pleasure of my anal fucking resumed.

I became pretty much lost in a strange twilight zone of shame and pleasure, moaning and drooling around the gag as the Doctor alternated ass strokes with strokes of my now rigid cock. I gave in and let my hips rock with her manipulations.

"Back!" Becky exclaimed as she pinched my nose shut!

I couldn't breath! And Dr Smith kept fucking and masturbating me! I fought for air as my cock grew even harder, she seemed to time the strokes with my gasps.... I am so hard! But God! I cant breath! I wanted to scream. I wanted to cum! Air! I need air! Make me cum! Can't get enough around the gag and my drool!

And then my nose and cock were released simultaneously.... I sucked air through my nose... As the Doctor continued to fuck me relentlessly.

"Oh that was fun!" Becky cried out.

"Indeed!" Dr Smith said as the two high fived, and giggled almost like schoolgirls.

"But, it's time for the sample to be drawn," Dr Smith sighed. "OK pet, it's time to change toys, don't worry you won't be empty for a minute!"

She laughed.

She held up a Plexiglas looking buttplug. It had two tiny buttons on the base.

"Never seen one like this before pet? Well, you'll soon find out how this works! Lube it up Becky!"

Perplexed, a little disappointed, and very scarred of what was next, I managed to be still and silent as the first object was removed from me.

With no hesitation by the women it was replaced by this new plug, which was definitely bigger than the first toy. But I had been opened and they gave my hole little chance to clench shut again, the plug slid in almost effortlessly.

I groaned at the incredible sensation of being open and filled at the same time. It felt as though a truck could drive up my ashole!

I was allowed to lie quietly and get used to the sensation. To my shame, again I began to savor it.

The women interrupted my reverie by rapidly fastening a strap around my cock, just below the flared head. They made sure that I saw what they were doing as they connected a wire to it, and another to the plug in my ass.

Again I was perplexed.

Becky wasted no time dispelling my puzzlement.

"pet, this is the moment you have been waiting for, I am sure. We're going to let you shoot your load. Of course, this is the moment WE have been waiting for too."

The two exchanged wicked smiles. Then Becky continued.

"This is where we bond you to us. Because when you spurt, I catch your messy juice in this vial," she held up a wide mouthed beaker for my inspection, "and we have our rape evidence against you. We'll cryo it, and you are ours forever. Or Bubba's Pen Pal if you should decide to not behave. Your choice."

If I don't cum... No evidence!

They must have read my thoughts on my face, as Dr Smith spoke up.

"Of course, if you don't cum we don't have our evidence."

I felt a low throb run through my asshole to the tip of my cock.... again... and again.

"But then again, this is what Becky..?"

The throbs were growing stronger... But I am not going to cum!

"...the seventeenth time we have waged this recruitment campaign. And we have sixteen pets now. You see pet, we are electrically stimulating your genitals... Or I should say OUR genitals?"

The women cackled insanely!

"...and prostate. You puny males have so little control to start with,"

The throbs were almost continuous now, I felt my cock bobbing obscenely with each one.

"...and we just rip that shred of control away. Quite easily actually..."

I gasped as the sensation changed from throbbing to almost a tickle, now continuous, and my cock felt as though I had stuck it into a electrical outlet... I bucked my hips, my ass off the table!

".... This is only half strength oh little pet bitch to be...."

Biting the gag, I will not cum! I will not!


My cock feels like it's on fire now!

"....And we can vary frequency too..."

No... No... No... Don't cum... Donnnnn't cummmm...

The throbs had returned only much more powerful than before, lightning was repeatedly striking my cock! My hips were bucking powerfully, I was losing control. NO! DON'T! My eyes tightly shut as I concentrated on not shooting. Can't let the bitches win!

"... Three quarters strength..."

The lightning ripped through my cock at regular mind searing intervals, my hip thrusts were reduced to mere twitches as all sensation and muscular response became centered in my cock and asshole, with my prostate as a conductor between them.

"...Let's go back to 'the tickle'..."

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... ahhhhhhhhhhhh..... As if a vibrator has been implanted inside my cock. So very good. The worlds ultimate handjob, from the inside out.

".... Just let go, let the semen fly... It will feel so gooooood...."

The throb returned, even stronger now... One long low continuous moan escaped my throat as the gag was removed

"... almost full strength pet to be..."

The frequency began to vary wildly... 'the tickle' now increased in intensity until it felt as though my cock were being burned off, yet it felt good! And the throbs threatened to tear my cock off as it waved wildly about!

"...Will it be so bad to be our slave, pet? To serve us? To be beaten like a bad dog? To suck out dildoes and get fucked in the ass? To be pimped off to our friends?"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I felt my balls contracting... I was close and knew that if I shot, I was a slave to these women.

"... To drink our piss? And lick our asses... our pussies?"


"... Owners prerogative pet... I lied... I'm going to fry your worthless dick right off... THIS is full strength!"

The sensations became even stronger, I screamed. Or tried to, the scream was muffled as one of the women sat on my face.

Her musky asshole planted firmly on my nose and her labia sealed around my lips, she enveloped me in all that is female and rode my face as the hideous device inexorably fulfilled it's purpose.

I felt the cold beaker against my electrified cock.

"NOW pet number 17..."

And I came. And came, and came... Liquid fire flowing through my cock. One body wracking jet of semen after another wrenched from my balls... Orgasming so strongly that I heard my cum splatter in the beaker, despite the thighs surrounding my head.

And I knew that while I was filling that beaker, I was delivering my very soul into the hands of Mistress Smith and Mistress Rebecca.


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